Dog Halloween Costumes & Toys

Trick or Treat, Bowwooween!

The best Halloween costume for your dog is the one that reflects their personality! Dress up a tiny dog with attitude as a fierce lion or shark, or put a playful larger pup in a sweet cow costume. Dogs who love to greet the mailman will look adorable as a USPS costume, and dragon costumes are simply perfect for pampered pooches. Use your imagination and pick the costume you like best.

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What is the most popular dog costume for Halloween?

Popular costumes vary from year to year depending on movies, world-events, weather and so on. However some trends seem to come back year after year, like pumpkin costumes for dogs and superhero dog costumes. Mail carrier costumes for puppies are always a hit, and hot dog Halloween costumes seem to never go out of style. Try a front-walking costume for added laughs :-) so many choices. There is always one available that you will really love.